Lead Capture Pages are paraded as a “must have” for internet marketers.

And I bet you got one. But I also bet you’re better off WITHOUT it.

Let me explain…

Today, thank God my back pain was not as much of a nuisance as usual. So I was trying to wrap up Module 5 of the DIY Super Traffic Machine. I’ve been struggling with one particularly troublesome section in which I was making the case for why most internet marketers are completely wasting their time having a Lead Capture Page.

Which seems ironic.

Because the title of this module is “Lead Capture”.

And—I spent a significant amount of money and time developing for students of this module a pretty sophisticated Landing Page building tool that makes Google Compliant capture pages that have historically converted extremely well for me.

Actually, some of my best, most profitable landing pages were built in these two styles (which i innovated).

They trump literally every other style anyone uses or teaches.

But the truth of the matter is, if you use a traditional Lead Capture Page—yours or your affiliate system’s or whatever…doesn’t matter…it is slowing you down.

Most marketers think if their landing page converts visitors to leads at a good rate, then nothing is wrong with it.

Actually, it is the reason you don’t make much money.

If you want to make money from your traffic, my advice to you is this…


The Lead Capture Pages built by internet marketers serve as an obstacle instead of a sales enhancement tool. Your sales page is most likely hidden behind it—and just think about it for a minute…

Do you measure the capture page’s conversion rate as a success metric?

Do you say, “Wow, this page got a 20% conversion rate! That’s killer!”

Then you’re a fool.

Don’t be mad. It’s just, there’s an easier, more popular way (used by copywriting experts) to get 100% “conversion rate”.

Send ALL traffic directly to the sales page.

Every single click you pay for will see your sales pitch. There’s your 100% conversion rate. Your chances of making a sale are PHENOMENALLY higher than with 20%.

There’s no skill in building a 20% or even a 90% capture page.

You feel me?

I mean, all it’s saying is that only 20% of your traffic is even seeing your sales pitch. You’re wasting the other 80% of the traffic you pay for because you’re not even selling to them. And chances are, if you’re not selling much, you’re also not doing any consistent follow-up with your leads.

Worst part is…

The HIGHER your capture rate is, the LOWER your sales rate will be with these kind of pages. I don’t have time to get into why. But i’ve tested this. So take my word will ya.

So if you can’t be arsed to follow-up, you’re even more of a fool for having a capture page at all.

Get rid of it. Don’t follow-up. Go right for the kill.

I mean it.

Of course I give YOU this advice, but I wouldn’t do it. And I’m not telling my Super Traffic Machine students to do that either. Why else would I have an entire module on building a Lead Capture Page?

I’m not fooling you. The reason is this…

The way I build lead capture pages and the way I instruct my students to build theirs is NOT with the goal of having a high conversion rate (although we don’t mind if it’s an unintended outcome).


It’s to make a crapload more money per lead from the landing page than with a sales letter…and more than anyone else in our industry does.

But if you’re not subscribed to the DIY Super Traffic Machine (and don’t intend to subscribe)…

The BEST advice I can give you is to get rid of your capture page and send traffic straight to sales letter. You’ll have a better shot of making money from more of your traffic.

Of course, if you LIKE capturing leads, but you want to learn to multiply your capture page’s profitability…

…and if you also want access to our Lead Capture Page building tool we shipped out to our students…

Then sign up to the DIY Super Traffic Machine below…

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All this and more in Module 5 – Lead Capture.


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