Traffic Videos Go Live Tomorrow!

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In case you missed it, this video is a special message from me and David Schwind about our upcoming PPC Supremacy launch.

Free traffic videos start showing tomorrow (Monday) on our secret launch site. You’ll hear from me where to go see them. And honestly, even if you don’t want traffic, i still think you should see them.

PPC Supremacy goes LIVE August 31st, 2010!
Here are links to all the videos released as part of the PPC Supremacy launch (they are really good!)

Twitter Whispers (PPC Supremacy Video #1)
Facebook Bushwhack (PPC Supremacy Video #2)
YouTube Inception (PPC Supremacy Video #3)
Keyword Supremacy (PPC Supremacy Video #4)
Swayful Words (PPC Supremacy Video #5)
LinkedIn Moles (PPC Supremacy Video #6)

Biggest Traffic Course

PPC Supermacy has been a pet project of mine and David’s for the past 2 years.

We have spared no expense and took no short-cuts. It is truly something we are proud of…

What we’d LIKE to happen is that you go watch the 7 traffic videos – they have immediate, usable help. For getting you a lot of leads WITHOUT having to buy anything at all.

And then, there’s no nicer way of saying this…

We think what you learn from the videos will tempt you to pick up a copy of PPC Supremacy at the end of this month. We wouldn’t be very good at our jobs otherwise.

This will be the biggest traffic course on the internet to date. And regardless, we’d love it if you could be a part of it with us!

So…if you want the free (tempting) training videos, here’s where you should sign up..

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