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Here’s What Our 5 “Surprised” Test-Subjects Had To Say About Their 24-Hour Transformation

Here’s what really happened…
Test Subject #1: Gayle Buchanan


---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Gayle Buchanan Date: Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 10:14 AM Subject: Re: your weekend 🙂 To: Jim Yaghi Hi ya You are a honey, thank you so much for your kind words .... bloody excellent - the 70% is coz I have an awesome guru!! How do I sum up the time? - here we go - of course edit where you think!! How do I describe the weekend that has just passed in one word? – I can’t, it would be impossible. I made a simple decision, got on a 12hr flight and was part of what I can only describe as ‘pure mastery’ in action. I had no idea if I would even be considered - me, a mum from New Zealand – I had 4 days to organise a flight, accommodation, tell my husband and 2 kids mum was off to the USA for 3 sleeps to meet a group of guys she barely knew miles from home. Now, I’ve been working on additional income streams for 12mths and somehow I just knew that 48hrs with these guys would connect the dots for me. What happened in 18 hours with these geniuses was incredible and I am so grateful and in awe of the talent I witnesses and what they pulled off in such a short amount of time. Overnight my campaign was built, leads were coming in from Jim Yaghi’s wizardry PPC experience and by the time I got on the plane home my campaign conversion rate hit 70%! To the masters I watched in awe – a massive ‘thank you’ - Jim Yaghi you are a legend, Jimmy Davis your vision and ideas are second to none, Raymond Fong for your focus and professionalism, Ferny Ceballos for your technical talents and David Schwind an absolute bonus for the weekend your copywriting tips were greatly appreciated. To anyone who is fortunate to cross paths with any of these absolute MASTERS, you will be blessed with more than you could ever imagine – grab hold of the opportunity – you will NEVER look back."

Test Subject #2: Synthia Blackmore
#3: John Seiferth (Ex- “Rich Dad” Man)
#4: Tim
#5: Peter Harrington

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