Let’s Just Build Your Funnel…

(“skip the bull, let me apply”)


I’ve been a little silent online lately and haven’t been in touch with you often.

The truth is that I’ve been reflecting on my goals and it really wasn’t part of my plan to be an Internet Info marketer.

I actually used to say

“I HATE teaching.”

Last thing i ever dreamed to be.

Teaching frustrated me. When I was 8, I’d show someone how to do something on the computer, they’d watch me do it, then they couldn’t just repeat the example in front of me. I didn’t have the patience for it. The instruction, to me, was simple, yet i couldn’t pass onto someone else that simplicity.

I’d kind of forgotten how frustrated it made me. All i could see was that teaching was the way to make money on the internet.

I got sucked into the hype of all the guru launches, the educational blog posts, and so on…and then i remembered that i hated it.

But last week, I have to tell ya, when we worked one-on-one with students up here in our very own boardroom, (yeah, giant table and all!)

it was the coolest feeling in the world!

I wasn’t frustrated at all…because anything i didn’t like about how a student was running their business, i just got rid of it. I fixed it for them. I helped them put the pieces that work together and sent them on their way with something they can actually work with.

Then I realised i didn’t hate teaching…i just didn’t like how ORDINARY it would make me…if i was JUST a teacher.

But this….what I do, what you do…

it’s NOT ordinary.

We help people reach the pinacles of their greatness.

So listen..straight up, i wanna do more of this. One on One training with our mastermind, sitting around you, analysing your business…it’s great fun.

I want you to apply for it below, because it would be great to meet you and help you.

Here’s the thing though, we’re being a little selective with who we let in. It’s really to protect our own reputation. It makes us look bad if someone gets help from supposedly four of the industry’s greatest experts…and then goes home and does nothing with what we give him or her…

We rather help someone who is proactive and determined…who’s stuck and is in desperate need of help because they’re trying so hard to move forward. That way we can help him or her and they’ll use the jump start we give them to take off!

That’s the stuff which makes us look good.

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