WCN – What’s Confusing you Now

I remember coming home from school one day when I was 9. And I begged my dad to let me play on the computer.

Hypercard was one of the early multimedia solutions for Apple Mac

Dad wanted to stall me so he could finish his work and knew exactly what buttons to push to dismiss me. He convinced me (somehow) that if I’d just learn programming I could make all the games I wanted. He got me all excited & gave me a computer MANUAL about an old multimedia design application that only came out for Apple called “Hypercard”.

Off I went to study it in the other room.

Soon after reading like 5 pages, I started to get really antsy. All I wanted was to DO IT. And I was back in there bugging him for the computer again.

That’s probably why I’ve never understood this whole thing about “information overload”. It’s physically impossible for me to get it–because I’m sorta trigger-happy with whatever new info i get. I need to use it right away, whether i can make it work or not.

I did that in home-school with Math too…

I hated reading the lesson. I’d seriously start at the assigned problems. Obviously since I hadn’t bothered reading the lesson, I had no idea how to answer. So I’d look for something similar in the worked examples to copy, and then i’d work back-wards to the theory if it was necessary.

That’s why I can come off as dismissive of info-overload as a REAL problem in this industry.

I do understand, though, that not everyone is able to filter information effortlessly.

Today I came across a video that addresses the problem head on and provides a solution. I knew it would be the right thing to do to share that with you here. Especially that it’s something I hear oh so often from most of my coaching students. They’re always telling me, “Jim, I got too much information and I just don’t know where to start!”

This video has one of the clearest and most impactful explanations I’ve seen of the following:

  • which exact TWO tasks you should focus on when building your business
  • which products and mailing lists you should completely ignore and even unsubscribe from
  • the exact traffic source that will ALWAYS work forever no matter what new innovations come out
  • how to acquire information in a way that it could never confuse you
  • how to make sure you move forward every single day regardless of how tiny the step you take is
  • and much more cool stuff it would be unfair for me to try to summarise here

If you’re bombarded by information and you’re feeling totally confused by which traffic method you should be working on and which tasks you should be doing with your business…if you can’t get your website up, and all the technology is freaking you out…

do yourself a favour and head on over to watch the video below…

Watch The WWN Video Here

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