OMG wanna hear something useless?

Of course you do.

This is proof that what I said about facebook being gay for marketing is absolutely the truth.

Check this out…a few days ago, I was asked to contribute several articles to an online community website as a guest instructor.

I posted three of them. And what I’ll do is try to take a screenshot of just the top part of those three articles and paste it here, ok? Here goes:


Exhibit A:

please turn on images to see my screenshot!


Exhibit B:

please turn on images to see my screenshot!


Exhibit C:

please turn on images to see my screenshot!


Did the pictures work?

Hope so. Anyway, so ok let me explain why this is hilarious.

Exhibit A was the first article I posted. It drummed up quite the excitement on Facebook. As you can tell by the number of “Likes” associated with it, over 100. Nice. High 5! Right?

Exhibit B was posted the next day and this spread like wild-fire. Over 500 Likes! Wtf!!

Of course most people would be OVER THE MOON to see so many likes on their content. But oh no, not me, not I.

Here’s why…

When somebody hits “like” it can mean a lot of things…except “I read it”.

The most common reason people “like” is they are too lazy to read beyond the summary AND couldn’t be bothered to say anything back.

In fact, lots of my non-internet-marketing-friends say that in a typical Facebook wall-chat with their buddies, if someone says something they don’t know what to reply to…or…when they want to end the conversation, they just hit the  “like” button on the other person’s last comment…and it’s a polite way to tell the other person “I’m done with this chat. Time to shut up.”

So I really couldn’t care less how many Facebook likes an article of mine has.

It’s meaningless, really.

But here’s the kicker…and the proof that what I’m saying is true:

Exhibit B’s FOOTER:

please turn on images to see my screenshot!


Notice, the number of views on this article?

Like I said it received over 500 facebook likes…and then it got like 200 VIEWS. Wtf’s up with that?

Think about it? How can 500+ people “like” an article when only 200 people see it?

Give up?

Because most of those who “liked” it didn’t even bother to read it. And sure enough, for all the lovely likes both Exhibit A and Exhibit B got…neither article received a SINGLE sale.

And I was surprised too.

Most of my articles get at LEAST one sale if not more…so what the heck?

Anyway, Exhibit C is interesting. It was the third article I posted. It got a similar number of views as the other two. But it had only 3 Likes.

Why is this interesting?

It got sales!

3 likes, 200 views, virtually NO social media activity…GOT SALES!

And that’s why I get pissed off with social media Likes and what-not. It means my message got the “polite” treatment without being read. HOW RUDE!

Interestingly enough, Exhibit C’s article actually got couple of Tweets – which to be honest, I’m beginning to suspect Twitter might be just a LITTLE more useful than Facebook’s like. But don’t hold me to it.

Who knows, I might be shitting on Twitter tomorrow.

Final thoughts…

I don’t just hate on a platform because it’s fun (although it is fun to ruffle people’s feathers)…I’m scientific about EVERYTHING. And I knew from the moment the Tweetmeme share button came to exist years ago that social share buttons were going to slow down sales.

And it makes my belief even firmer that PPC and Search Marketing is truly the PRO MARKETER’S best advertising tool.

Social media is for amateurs.

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