Boasting a membership of over 147 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has evolved into an amazing business-to-business marketing tool. Lead generation, brand awareness and customer retention are all benefits of being properly positioned on their social networking site. Let’s look at a few features you can use to take advantage of this platform and build your business… 

Company Pages

Rather than utilizing the standard personal setup, LinkedIn allows you to create a company page and profile. This can include your company’s logo, mission statement and other relevant information in order to build a professional presence. By including links to various websites, people can be directed to your other assets and be provided with more opportunities for additional business interaction. Your company profile will project a much more “official” appearance.

LinkedIn Groups

The ability to establish yourself as an authority in your field is a wonderful feature of the LinkedIn Groups. These industry groups are a great way to discuss specific topics, which are important to your target demographic. You will be able to share your expertise on various subjects and further position your company as a knowledgeable and professional organization. Make sure to clearly define your preferred audience, goals and intentions prior to setting up a new group.

Connections and Recommendations

Connecting with, and engaging your potential customers regularly, is extremely important. Respond in a timely fashion to questions sent to your company page, comment on your customers’ updates and information, and share success stories. Whenever possible, solicit a recommendation from your happy clients regarding a specific product or service they enjoyed. The goal here is to create a community centered on your LinkedIn business entity.

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