Are you sleeping your way to the top?

Your business is doomed!

At least if you think you’re going to make it in the line of info product selling and “coaching”.

Don’t believe me?

Try breaking a few intellectual property laws, and copy your favourite guru’s “top training article” on Facebook, replace their name with yours, and post to your wall.

See if you get the same number of likes, shares, and comments they did. And if by some miracle of the gods, you do get their response, I’ll pour mushroom gravy on my right arm and eat it.

It’s idiotic!

In this market, there’s only one way any guru gets rich. And it’s got nothing to do with their copywriting skills, or the social media “blueprints” they cracked the code on.

It’s by getting in the “big boy club”.

Become wingman to your guru at the strip-club if you’re a guy…

…or SLEEP WITH THEM if you’re a girl.

Lo and behold, within a few days they’ll be offering to promote your product to their list.

Unfortunately, that’s how most people make it in this industry.

Just about everyone is a pretty lazy business owner. Incompetent at best. They can’t write copy that sells worth a crap, and they haven’t got the first clue about traffic. The guru and the student are the same.

Only difference is, they’re in a big boy club…and you’re not.

And you’re not getting in either.

Their traffic is PURELY a product of incest.

Realistically, one list is shared by all gurus. And every time there’s a launch, the whole club chips in and transfers whatever new leads they got from their last launch to the next guy’s launch.

That’s why, in December 2010, I turned my back on the whole cat and mouse game. I decided if I was going to build an online business servicing startup entrepreneurs like yourself, it’s going to have to actually SERVE people.

And being member of the “big boy” club wasn’t going to give me the insight or empathy I needed to advise you legitimately about what would work for the regular entrepreneur

…who is NOT in “the club”.

Here’s the thing–I didn’t get into the big boy club like everyone else…by sucking up to the right guru. I actually earned my place and worked really hard for it by giving them the ONE THING THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET.


Cold, new unadulterated traffic from search engines…not the crappy social media, word of mouth kind.

Not the kind you get from having a reputation of being “part of the club”.

And if you’re as smart as me and you’re confident you can make it on your own merits, you might have an honest bone in your body.

You’re probably far-sighted too.

There’s only one way to gain a reputation–and you don’t have to sell out, lie, and cheat to get it.

Jump on a call with me tomorrow, and I’ll show you how to earn a real reputation…one that gets people to pay you. One that gets the gurus to seek you out to do their dirty work. One that gives you the power to say NO F***ER, I’m not selling you my soul for a few bucks…


That’s how to get on this call with me and gain all that power.



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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