Got a little lash-back yesterday for ragging on Facebook for marketing.

To Angry Gooroos:

Seems I stepped on your mum’s tail, ya losers…haha.

This happens all the time, by the way.

Whenever I say truth to clear the fog from your eyes, some tosser fresh out of the womb comes along and starts philosophizing like they have a clue.

Usually when gooroos tell you so-and-so sucks, and it’s dead, it’s because they couldn’t get it to work for themselves.

But yesterday, I started by showing you that I’m the only guy in the IM industry who has been innovating the methods that have made every traffic platform work. Nothing I dissuade you from is because I couldn’t make it work.

On the contrary, it’s the fact that I successfully marketed and profited from each platform that enables me to tell you with certainty what is not for you.

Oh another thing…

A majority of the gooroo training products out there are based on ONE huge product of mine called PPC Supremacy. Which, by the way, most of them asked for a complimentary copy of, cheap bastards.

Anyway, the point of all this, is that they are quick to jump to the rescue of Facebook and social media bullshit nonsense – why?

Because they have a vested bias…

Suppose, Gooroo X sells a Facebook traffic training product…and he promotes it on Facebook…he doesn’t want everyone to stop buying his crap because of something I said, so he comes to the defence by trying to show me up.

DUH of course it works FOR HIM.

It’s ABOUT Facebook Marketing sold ON Facebook to wannabe Facebook marketers. Duh. Duh. DUH! DOUBLE, QUADRUPLE DUH.

But Gooroo X’s methods aren’t going to work for you if you’re trying to sell something else…like dog food, or fat shakes, or collectible coins, or herpes cream on Facebook.

So unless we all sell Facebook traffic training on Facebook we’re shyt outta luck.

Same with Twitter training on Twitter.

Same with BetterNetworker training on BetterNetworker.

All good ideas, and I’d do it no differently if I were them, because that’s what I taught them to do.

I never said no body on this planet can make Facebook work for marketing. But tell me what YOU want:

Do you want to know what MIGHT work for you…

Or do you want to know what MUST work for you?

Like I said, these social traffic systems can all be cracked…if you’re willing to spend the time creating the necessary ROI for your particular approach.

But if you don’t have time to fuck around and you asked me, of all the different traffic platforms, which would I recommend for a beginner?

I’d say always, Search Marketing.

There’s no beating around the bush, customers can be targeted by keywords that indicate a buying intention. We don’t have to guess if they “like” something because they cheer for it or because they have an active interest in buying it.

And we, the YaghiLabs crew, we’re your homies.

PPC Supremacy, the same course your favourite gooroos are deriving hundreds of derivative training products from? Haha it’s something we give you for free when you home it up with us using the deal below.


All the traffic we get for you is targeted to buyers, not nonsense “likers”.




Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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