What Is A PPC Landing Page?

a ppc landing page is a single page from a website where users land from a search engine after clicking on an ad. the landing page will usually display directed sales copy which is an extension of the advertisement or link that was clicked.

what does it do?

every part of the sales process is about selling the next step. the main job of a landing page is to entice the user to give their contact details in exchange for whatever you have to offer. it may be a free e-book or email series.

once you have captured the email address of the user you can start to build rapport and turn them into a raving fan of your business and loyal repeat customers.

what makes a good ppc landing page?

as i noted above, the main purpose is to get the user to give you their contact details, so the copy on the page should be laid out in a clear and concise manner. the page should leave the user in no doubt what-so-ever as to their next step.

** check this example of a killer landing page **

what not to do

too many websites shoot themselves in the foot by going OTT

they glitz it all up and give waaaaay to many options which does nothing but confuse the user.

from advert to sale, it should be a calculated process.

you like ice cream right?

you ever gone into an ice cream shop and tasted some ice creams? you STILL bought one didn’t you?

your landing page does EXACTLY that, gives ’em a lil’ taste and leaves them begging for more 😉

DO NOT ramble on about what your company has done since its inception 10 years ago, nobody cares, people care about what’s in it for THEM!

so always remember

it should be focused on the USER, not you!

lots of love

ewan 🙂

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