Traffic KickStart

--"In Just 90 Minutes: The Most Immediate, Easiest, and Cheapest Traffic Method Ever Discovered!"

The Internet...It's remarkable!

A web user can imagine anything and find it online. Each search turns up millions of pages, filled with information, from every corner of Earth.

CHOICE, for him, is good. The more content available on the World Wide Web, the more hungry he gets.

But if you're an entrepreneur online, choice is your ENEMY.

You need users to find YOU and CHOOSE you, but they have infinitely more choices. And that ...

Makes You Invisible.

Of course, had someone told you this sooner, you might not have invested so hard into building your website or creating your product until you were better prepared.

Or if, like so many others, you fell for one of those "make money in your underpants" deals that sounded really easy in the sales video... you might not have bought that affiliate "opportunity", had you known they'd stick YOU with the hardest, most expensive job of all!

Finding Audience.

Otherwise known as, Advertising...or getting TRAFFIC!

Either way, you're already heavily invested and there's no backing out now.

So you have no choice but to find a way to get traffic and find it fast.

Otherwise, all your hard work and money is for nought...Zero!

Luckily, there's no shortage of choice when you have the Internet. Plenty of traffic tools, information, and courses promise to help you get lots of traffic, very cheap or free.

But the problem?

When you try those sexy tools and methods (sold to you with such fabulous sweet claims), you realise...

"Uh Oh. Either traffic costs lots of money or takes lots of time."

After the investment you made!?

Throw Good Money
After Bad?

"Hellz Nawwww!"

You want traffic and you want it NOW, DAMMIT!

I mean, it's not like you're asking for "buttloads of traffic". You just want (for now) a consistent stream of web visitors to get started marketing your stuff to.

Is that so much to ask?

You're not asking for the world.

You're right! It's not too much to ask.

Traffic KickStart is a progressive YaghiLabs method that gives you exactly what you've been looking for all along.

Not long ago, I held a timed LIVE Traffic challenge ... and i invited some of your fellow subscribers to come watch.

What happened?

In only 90 minutes, i used the KickStart method to "switch on"...

Fast, Consistent, Easy, Cheap
Traffic At the

And just hours after the demonstration, we started seeing really cheap and high quality email subscriber LEADS join the site's mailing list!

Not only that, but the students who attended...those of them who copied my simple steps exactly, they came back and reported leads while working with TINY ad budgets of $10 or less!

So if that sounds like something you wish you can do too, then read on to find out more...

What is Traffic Kickstart?

Traffic KickStart is a recorded demonstration of the most powerful, easiest, most immediate, and cheapest way to get traffic.

The demonstration goes like this:

With a 90 Minute count-down, I grab a brand new website that had never been advertised in any way...and never received much (or really any) traffic before.

Then, with the help of the KickStart method, I execute a few simple steps while explaining everything i do (the explanation actually takes the bulk of my setup time).

Traffic Flows
Almost Instantly

... and leads follow a few short hours later!

The whole thing was recorded into a neat 2-hour video that you can get access to today and watch.

Simply execute the same steps at YOUR OWN website and you should see similar results within an hour or two.

Of course, depending on how carefully you follow the steps, and the offer at your website, the time-frame for getting leads will differ. But even if you do a half-arse job, quick targeted TRAFFIC is still a near certainty!

This method was one i...

Guarded Closely

I've only ever revealed KickStart (in intimate detail actually) in a YaghiLabs trade-secrets product called "Traffic Accelerator".

Back then, it was just called "Our" Traffic Method. Haha!

This is the first time KickStart was EVER shared with the public.

The Traffic KickStart Recording runs a bit longer than the demonstration because there was a Q&A section at the end.

But since it's a recorded video, you can watch it any time and as often as you wish.

You'll see my computer screen and hear my (soothing) voice while i work and explain what i'm doing using really easy, small words. This way you can do the same stuff on your computer while watching every step in the video at the same time.

If you get stuck following an instruction, just leave a question in our live social Members Only Portal and i'll clarify for you.

Sounds good?

Not So Fast!

There's a few qualification criteria you have to be able to check off before you can try a Traffic KickStart with your website.

I've gotta do this to make sure you'll actually be able to get the expected results.

Is Traffic Kickstart Right For You?

Let me begin by telling you who should NOT bother with Traffic KickStart, so you don't waste your time and avoid being disappointed later.

...The most targeted, easiest, and fastest traffic you'll get online is ALWAYS going to be, hands-down with Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

What this means is, the demo you'll see is a method of traffic that requires you to pay for every "click" or visit you get.

You wouldn't be paying me, of course, i'm just the guy showing you how to pay as little as possible for as much traffic as the Advertising Network will give.

So i won't be talking about a "free traffic" technique. After all, if you're not spending money you're going to have to spend time... which would make traffic not "instantaneous" and we'd not be able to call it a "KickStart", would we?

But Don't Worry...

Because my KickStart method is specifically designed for people with small advertising budgets, who need VERY targeted, VERY cheap traffic.

So while you'll need to be armed with a funding source to pay the PPC advertising network that will deliver the traffic, you will NOT need to take out a second mortgage.

What you spend is up to you. YOU get to decide how much or how little you invest--and you'll even have the ability to start and stop the traffic by just pushing one button.

There is NO real "minimum" budget requirement. We've even used this method for small local business clients who only want to spend...

$10 At A Time

...and they're still impressed with the results.

The beauty of this method is that it tries to maximise traffic volume and quality, even if you spend very little.

Of course the bigger your ad budget, the more traffic you'll see, and the faster.

Alternatively, check out Traffic Epidemic for free traffic methods, until you make a bit more money.

But if you're on your last dollar and you need it, i would ask you to kindly decline this offer and tend to your family. Find a new line of work.

So this Training is NOT for you if you have a "zero" ad budget.


You must be able to start a Google Adwords OR a Bing Ads account.

If you've been banned from BOTH for past "naughtiness", then this training will not help you get back in good standing with either.

(However there is a surprise i'll tell you about later that can help if you've lost the ability to advertise with Google or Bing)


Chances are, if you don't know what any of this means, then you've never advertised on Google or Bing. Which means you CAN open an advertising account and you're cool. Skip the rest of this condition of entry.

Also, if your account has been suspended from Google but NOT Bing, or vice versa, then...

You Are SAFE

Simply follow the instructions using the ad platform where you have an active account.

The KickStart technique works with both Google Adwords and Bing Ads equally well.

One more thing...

Even if you're banned from both ad platforms, you're still welcome to apply. You might be able to benefit from the theory of MY strategy using a different PPC platform...

But so we're clear, i'm disclosing that if BOTH your Google and Bing accounts are not allowed to run ads, then the recording has no answers about "how can i get back on" type questions.

We have other training programs and services that address re-activation and compliance which you may consider at a later time.

So this Training is NOT for you if ALL you want is help getting your Google or Bing account re-activated.


You need to have a website to advertise and drive traffic to.

We will not be building websites or landing pages in this class (though if you look further down, i'm including a bunch of landing page templates).

The demonstration will drive traffic to a site already built.

If you don't have a website yet or you're not sure your website is Google Friendly, then you should download my Google Friendly Website.

Again, you're welcome to get KickStart if you're planning to have a site soon, particularly if you want to see my special 90-minute technique for getting traffic with a tiny budget.

You'll be able to review the session again whenever you're ready.

So this Training is NOT for you if you don't plan to have a website ever.

Also, on a similar note, if you're an affiliate marketer wanting to advertise a REPLICATED website (eg, a hop link or affiliate URL), i can't guarantee the technique will work for you. It's best to advertise a domain YOU own.

To be clear, Affiliate Marketers are ok to take the training. But you need to have your own website, on your own domain, where you review and discuss your affiliate offers.

If you don't have a website, you can throw up a basic Wordpress website to advertise. I've created a Google Friendly Website for you that you can download here.

Again, you're still welcome to take the Training if you want to just watch how KickStart is done and then you can try the method later when you own the domain you want to advertise.

So this Training is NOT for you if you want to advertise ONLY an affiliate link (without a website).

And finally...

If you run an adult website, gambling, "term-paper buying", or fake-traffic selling website, or otherwise illegal or "barely legal" website, this is not for you.

Most of these types of businesses need to be advertised in the "back alleys" of the internet where advertisers are not scruitinized. The Traffic KickStart method won't work for you.

So this Training is NOT for you if you have a borderline legal or outright illegal business/product.

Who's Left?

If you don't fall into any of the categories above, and you have a website that gets little or no traffic, then you need to learn Traffic KickStart!

Because Traffic KickStart gets traffic rolling to your site rather quickly and you can repeat it again and again to get more visitors any time you want.

Similarly, if you already receive a reasonable amount of traffic, you'll find my technique will help you:

  • Drop your traffic cost,
  • Get more people to your site, consistently every day,
  • Increase the quality of your audience so people are more likely to perform a buying action,
  • And help you tap into new types of audiences you didn't know existed.


If you've made it this far, then you're probably ready to find out what you get.

What Will I Get When I Register?

The Recorded Workshop is not the only thing you'll get!

I've planned out a lota goodies to include as "surprises" for all my students.

They will help you get a WHOLE lot more out of your Traffic KickStart, long after we're done!

If you've attended an earlier workshop in the Just For Fun Webinars series, then you'll already be familiar with some of this stuff...

But today there's more and you're gonna kick yourself if you don't get Traffic KickStart.

Here's a short summary of everything inside...

The Recorded Tutorial

Of course, you get to watch the recording of the demo/tutorial which runs 90 minutes in total length.

It's short because i want to show you how QUICKLY you can start getting traffic without any technical fiddling about.

Here's what happens inside:

I grab one of our new client accounts that doesn't have any (or much) traffic yet...

Then you see how we would setup advertising, along with the initial research, targeting, optimal campaign settings, budgeting, etc. I explain my thought process at every step.

The Traffic KickStart method is cool because it focuses on keeping costs within a VERY small ad budget of only a few bucks. There's also a big focus on how to automatically increase traffic-flow over time while boosting sales response.

In case this isn't enough to get you chompin' at the bits, then there's more...

A Q&A Session

At the end of the demo, there's 30 minutes of questions from the live audience who attended. They ask some very specific and general questions that might be on YOUR mind.

In fact, they interrupted me throughout the training to ask their questions whenever they crossed their minds. Chances are, you'll be wondering the same things!

What else?

A KickStart "Cheat Sheet"

Everything used in the demonstration, including my notes, keywords, and ads are yours as well.

You'll be able to download it as a PDF from our Exclusive Membership area so you have everything you need to follow my instructions!

But it's also a great summary of all the important points of KickStart...which means if you need to review the steps several times, you won't have to go through the whole 90 minutes every time.

Just look at the reference notes it's all summarised there!

There's still more...

Ad Writing Templates

Included too in your members area is a few of my best performing Ad Writing formulas (approximately 20).

Simply fill in the blanks to make them your own, and instantly you'll have ads that soak traffic right into your website.

These should help you get your creative juices going. Use them again and again, just switch out words to come up with new ads for ANY product in seconds. And since these templates are proven, you'll have all the confidence you need to advertise on your own long after the workshop.

6 Beautiful, "Google Friendly" Landing Page Templates

The first page your traffic sees at your website is the most important page of all.

It can make the difference between your advertising just costing money...or making gangs of money.

I'm including a selection of 6 proven landing page designs. These have been developed by a TEAM of highly trained YaghiLabs staff.

Each of our landing pages is built by 4 experts:

  • A Copywriter who plans the landing page copy, title, calls to action button text, etc. His specialty is to communicate to audiences very concisely (within 6 seconds of landing) the MAIN benefit so they do a desired money-generating action.
  • An Interface Design Expert who comes up with the creative conception of what the page should look like, how it should work, and so on - all to maximise response and effectiveness.
  • A Landing Page Programmer who converts all the ideas into computer-understandable language and integrates everything with contact management, hosting, etc.
  • A Traffic Expert who acts as quality control and checks for congreuence between ad and landing page to maximise response of visitors, and makes sure the page follows PPC Advertising Policy so as not to have ads rejected from the traffic network.

This is the team who created the landing page templates you receive!--

Simply modify their pages to suit your business and you're ready to run traffic straight to these pages.

Hey, this surprise alone is worth several times the admission price! Especially if you don't have a team like mine to produce Landing Pages for you!

Free $75 Traffic Voucher

We know you're probably starting out tight on ad funds--so we've found a way for you to add $75 to your "getting started" budget.

In your Members Area is a link where you can get $75 of free Google ads. Simply apply the coupon code to your NEW account, and you're off to the races.

Using the KickStart Method, you'll learn to stretch those ad dollars to get a consistent flow of targeted traffic, every day.

Please note the conditions of this voucher are subject to change without notice.

Traffic Calculator

This surprise is awesome.

It's a web-based tool i built to calculate and project over 12 months how much traffic you can expect to generate with your budget.

Not only that. You can tell it your revenue target and it will tell you how much how much traffic, at what cost, and how you should price your products so you can meet your revenue goal within 12 months.

Every cent you spend on traffic, you'll know its long-term impact, if it will be a profit or a loss so you can make corrections and adjustments before you waste a cent.

"Carrot and Stick" Conversion Tracking Plugin for Wordpress

One of the most powerful things you can do with KickStart is a technique called "carrot and stick".

This is a way to teach the Ad Network with punishment and reward how to find you BUYERS or LEADS at a cost YOU specify.

In order for it to work, you'll need this plugin developed by me at YaghiLabs for our clients. You get it free as long as you promise not to share it with anyone else.

Get Google Back Helpline

Hopefully you NEVER need to use this.

But if you have violated some Google Ad Policies and had your advertising account suspended for past naughtiness, you'll need a saviour to get your traffic back on.

People spend $5,000 - $10,000 to get their suspended accounts re-activated. But as a KickStart Member, if you ever need this service, our staff will talk to the compliance teams at Google or Microsoft on your behalf and help you get re-activated.

This is NOT a free surprise like the rest, but as a member of KickStart you get this service for only $498!

Life-time Membership to the Traffic KickStart Community

Our Secret Members Area is reserved specifically for YaghiLabs customers and it has many great benefits. But in my opinion, one surpases them all...

A mini-social network.

The members area is itself a social environment, complete with a forum, where our students get to interact with other attendees, and with the training material.

You get life-time access to this area so you can use it to exchange skills with others, get help when you're stuck, find a partner who might be able to do stuff you're not able to, and show off your results!

It gets better...

BONUS VIDEO: Convert Leads into Sales With 1-3 Follow-Ups

Included is a 2-hour video that will help you convert your casual COLD "traffic" into buyers...within 1-3 emails.

This formula is one i recently shared with my (~ $2,000) group-coaching members in "Done-With-You Traffic". You get it as a gift just by getting Traffic KickStart.

The video walks you through an email writing formula that has proven itself EVERY TIME i have ever sent an email using it.

In my 7+ years in this market, i've never found anything so consistent as to deserve the "formula" label before this.

It even SHOCKS me and i've been running email promotions for years!

But there's bad news you should be aware of...

This method ONLY works effectively with cold traffic. Meaning, it only works with people who recently discover your website. The moment they buy your first product, you have to switch to another strategy.

Only my Traffic Coaching class gets to know how to convert existing customers, sorry.

But hey if you haven't got much traffic yet, i guess this is the exact formula you need to make back what you spend advertising!

30-50% Discounts

You'll be instantly eligible to SAVE on a range of our best training products such as the amazing Traffic Accelerator, Monthly Launch Formula, PPC Consultations with me, and even Done-With-You Traffic Coaching!

To summarise, you get:

KickStart Training (Recorded Video):

The Traffic KickStart demonstration where i start up instant traffic to a traffic-hungry website, and you follow along.

All Sources in the Demo:

All my notes, ads, and keywords from the presentation.

Ad Writing Templates

A set of my best, proven Ad Templates which you can easily "fill in the blanks" and use them to drive traffic to your site.

6 Beautiful Landing Page Templates

Landing pages built by my highly skilled Landing Page team of 4 that you can modify and use to convert your traffic into email subscribers and high quality sales leads.

$75 Free Traffic Voucher

Free advertising on Google, upto the value of $75 to get you started. Using the KickStart Method, you'll learn to stretch those free ad dollars for highly targeted, daily traffic (for about 2 weeks).

Traffic Calculator

Set targets and diagnose your traffic expenses and revenue before you've ever wasted a cent.

Carrot & Stick Wordpress Plugin

The custom YaghiLabs plugin for Wordpress websites that allows you to dictate to the Ad Network that it should find you BUYERS or LEADS (not just visitors) and at a cost that makes you profitable.

Get Google Back Helpline (MAJOR DISCOUNT!)

God forbid you ever need this! But we can help you get your Google or Bing Ads account back should you ever screw up and get suspended.

Life-time Membership to the "Traffic KickStart" Community

Exclusive Members Area where you can access your training in one place and meet with fellow-attendees to get help, discuss, find partners, and get feedback.

BONUS VIDEO: Convert Leads into Sales With 1-3 Follow-Ups

A tutorial on my formula for converting your COLD traffic into first-time customers. Remember, this one's what will make your paid advertising pay you.


30-50% discounts on some of our best products including Traffic Accelerator, PPC Consultation, and Done-With-You Traffic Coaching.

I told you you'd be blown away. So i'm sure by now you're thinking all this value can't possibly be cheap...But humour me, and ask the question...

How Much Does It Cost?

You can access the recorded KickStart workshop, the cheat-sheet summarising the method, get life-time access to our members area and help community, and all the KILLER surprises i told you about...

all of it, for only

$139 One Time!

Why so low?

Honestly, I don't know.

I've gone back and forth on this decision a gazillion times...considered charging $300, $200...but i couldn't do it.

The information is certainly worth more. But we've done webinars in this series before and they were always priced low and I'm a slave to routine...

At least, at this silly low price, if you turn the offer down, you're going to feel like a Silly Billy.

Traffic KickStart is exactly what you need and want, for a ridiculously good price. And the students who executed the steps of KickStart exactly got traffic and LEADS immediately.

Check out what people have been saying in the KickStart Members Area:

Of course everyone will have different specific results, depending on the market they're in.

But what is common is the simplicity and quickness of getting traffic with KickStart. Plus, it's a method that works even with tiny budgets and it keeps trying to get you more and more traffic for cheaper and cheaper!

Or with the Carrot & Stick method you could be getting more BUYERS for cheaper and cheaper.

How Can I Watch It?

Simply click the yellow “Buy Now” button below to pay the fee securely using Paypal.

This action will secure your membership in Traffic KickStart and get you all the great "surprises" that come with it.

Once you've completed payment, DONT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER...until you've filled out the Registraton form for the Members Portal.

Order Traffic KickStart now...

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Login to the Members area and you can begin immediately viewing the KickStart training, downloading the cheat-sheet and notes from the demo, and using all the amazing bonuses.

90-Min Traffic KickStart


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Can I Refund If I Change My Mind?

No. Sorry, all sales are final.

We don't like to hype people up to make impulsive decisions with false scarcity and unconditional guarantees, and we hope you can respect that. We appreciate customers who make careful, well-informed decisions BEFORE they hit the "Buy Now" button.

There's more than enough information on this page for any reasonable person to decide if the Traffic KickStart is right for them or not.

But if you still have questions or need clarification about what's in the training, our support staff's details are included under the "Buy Now" button. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Look...I know you might be used to seeing Internet Marketers offer "unconditional lifetime guarantees" on their training programs, but i'm not like them. Frankly, if their ideas were valuable, they wouldn't be so careless as to not protect them.

The training here is amazing and I know it is.

Traffic KickStart is a method i developed over years of research and experimentation. I use it today with my clients, some of whom pay traffic management fees to YaghiLabs in the range of 100-thousand dollars happily.

So forgive me that I don't want my work to fall into ungrateful hands.

Remember, information acquired cannot be returned. It is forever imprinted in your memory...but money comes and goes.

I hope you see the integrity in my telling you boldy here, without fear:

If you need a guarantee, then you should NOT buy.

You are your own guarantee. What you do or don't do with the information is the only thing that will determine if it ends up being "worthwhile" to you or not. From my end, i'm putting forward what i believe people like you need and offering my best to you.

The rest is on you.

And btw, if you still don't feel "at ease" buying from YaghiLabs, that's perfectly ok. Rather than buying today, why not wait and "feel me" out a bit longer through my free newsletter. I can't promise this deal will still be here tomorrow, nor for the same price, but i'm sure there will be something else you'll like further down the line.

On the other hand, if you're ready to KickStart Traffic to your site today, look at it this way...

$139 to see how an online advertising expert with 7+ years of experience gets traffic for his clients, how can you lose? That's money you will spend by the end of the day on "junk" you'll eat or use in a minute.

Knowledge of any kind will last your whole life.


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