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Privacy Policy

This section covers how we use any information collected from you in surveys (form), cookies, and tracking technologies. A survey is any form that collects user input from you (for example, below is the most common survey you'll see on this site)...

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How We Use Surveys

We strive to create a safe environment for all our web visitors. And to our best understanding of the law, go out of our way to adhere to US & international laws and best-practices of the web.

This document has been written in human readable format for you to be able to understand exactly what we are doing to ensure you have fun and be safe every time you visit.

Most surveys ask for personal contact information, information about your business, and or how you operate it. You may choose NOT to respond to any survey.

All surveys are optional to complete. Some of our content may be inaccessible to you if you choose to exercise your right to ignore a survey or omit any of its "required" fields.

I maintain the right to use information i collect to research and develop course materials, new products, training, and other promotional content.

But i will never give access or sell any of your information to others not employed by me. However, bear in mind that we use 3rd party software services to store and maintain client information such as and (they provide the autoresponder & contact management services most online businesses need).



Signing up to our website in any survey form, whether paid or free, means we need to hang onto and store some kind of information that identifies you as the user.

We do not cross-check with any public databases to find out other information about you without cause. And we only store whatever you put on file.

Keep in mind, this website, like most others on the internet also uses Cookies.

Together cookies and our contact management service allow us to determine your membership, the products and services you should have access to, and your preferences when browsing our website.

We reserve the right to block certain information and areas of our websites from public access. And to only grant access to protected areas to visitors who a) either complete a required survey we've deemed substitute for payment or b) made a payment to gain membership.

Currently there are no paid membership services in use on this website - if this changes, the document will be ammended appropriately.


How We Use Your E-Mail & Phone

With your email address or phone number if we ever ask for them, this company will be the only ones who will use them to communicate with you.

Since we are a business, we will not always be freely handing out helpful information by email---without some kind of selling agenda. There is no shame in admitting that most "free" information will be a demonstration or preview of products we want to entice you to buy.

Again, you have the choice to remain unmoved by these incentives. And you are completely within your right to leach off our best free training, tips, and tools to learn a lot of the things that will grow your business. In fact, you may just prefer to benefit from our promotional materials and never pay a cent for anything.

To help cover our costs, however, we do often run promotions and send out emails about products available from certain partners.

We do this to help you diversify your education and to make money when you do.

We strive to make even the promotional emails entertaining and useful to our subscribers whether or not they choose to take us up on the offer.

Emails are NORMALLY sent out at most once a week. However, during promotions you may receive, for example, two emails from us in a single day. We reserve the right to choose how frequently we email as long as we allow our subscribers to choose whether or not they want to hear from us.


3rd Party Contact Management Software

We never share any of this information with third parties, except those that collect the information for us such as iContact (contact management system), 1shoppingcart and paypal (payment management systems).

These 3rd party services do not contact you. they are business tools that make it easier for us to manage contacts and finances.

It is normal for most businesses on the internet to use these exact services because they add another layer of protection for you.

For example, we never SEE information you use for making purchases. Instead, we  employ the use of a 3rd party payment processor such as, Paypal, or 1shoppingcart. These are organisations with much higher security than we have available in our server's hardware setup, and this is why we use them.

You can tell you are protected by standard secure technologies (SSL) wherever you see the "https" protocol in the address bar provided the current security certificate is valid.

These services also protect you should you have issue with us and need to complain. Processing services help you claim refunds or request disputes if necessary. While we strive to handle ALL customer issues ourselves to keep you happy, we understand that having a 3rd party to arbitrate between us makes things easier sometimes from a legal standpoint.

What you need to know is that we never see, handle, or store any payment or password information. Instead we leave this in the hands of professionals who have all the necessary securities so you can shop from us feeling safe and secure.

Tracking Technologies

Being a marketing agency, we usually study the effectiveness of every aspect of our website to maximize ROI.

Because of this, cookies are used throughout our websites. Cookies are a standard means for internet businesses to store and later retrieve "temporary preferences" specific to one computer.

Cookies are ALWAYS stored on your own computer in your browser (no one else can access info stored in cookies except yourself and the actual website that created the cookie).

Not all Internet browsers store cookies, but most do. You can turn the option off in your own browser if you prefer and this will let you reject all cookie requests from us in future. While this messes with the functionality of our website, it is your choice to make.

Our website uses cookie technology extensively to increase our ROI. Here is more detailed information:



Various 3rd party tracking technologies allow us to use cookies in a way to tell whether or not visitors to our site notice new additions, whether or not they click on links that make us money, and how frequently (and which language) sells our offer best.


Tracking on Our Websites:

Some of the technologies we use are Google's Conversion Optimizer, Yahoo Conversion Tracking, and Google Analytics. These services provide us with anonymous data about visitor activity on our website and allow us to study the cost of acquiring customers with various offers.

We can also tell things like what type of internet browsers are most popularly browsing our website. What screen resolutions the majority of our visitors use.

 And other general data that help us create a better experience for future visitors and loyal returning visitors..

If you don't want to be tracked, you may turn off ALL tracking by disallowing cookies when browsing our website.


Tracking in Our Emails:

We also track how often emails are opened and whether or not links inside them are clicked. Not all of this activity can be tracked, and it depends on what email client you use and which settings you chose in your email client.

So tracking can be turned off from your email client if you rather not contribute to our statistics.

Easy  tip to switch off tracking: Turn off HTML emails and only receive text. We can't tell if that email is opened. Avoid clicking links if you don't want us to count your click.

All links in email are automatically tagged by our email service (not us) with a click-counter.

Note, we also comply to ICAN email standards.

Amongst other things, their extensive anti-spam rules say we cannot email anyone unless they have specifically opted-in and requested contact from us. We use 3rd party services like iContact which subject us to those strict standards (even when we don't know them in detail) and they prohibit us from sending spam or using any blackhat or illegal practice.

Our websites have excellent track-records and have been using services like iContact and 1ShoppingCart without complaints for many years.

Part of the ICAN standard requires us to allow subscribers to remove themselves at any time they want to stop receiving emails from us. And we really don't want to bother you if you don't want our emails.

So every single email communication from this website has a link at the bottom allowing you to stop hearing from us at ANY time. Use it, we won't get mad.

Additional Legal Docs From the Lawyers:

Complete privacy policy and relevant docs are linked below. please note we will remind you about whatever is important in these docs whenever applicable. i place these here for people who like courts. we don't:

Interest Based Data

We use Remarketing at this website.

What this means is, when you visit our website by clicking one of our Google ads, you may begin to see our ads while browsing other websites on the Internet.

There's no need to worry, however. We do not store any personally identifiable information. In fact, any information we use is stored locally on your machine through a "cookie" in your browser.

Third party vendors, including Google, will check for this cookie when you run future searches or use their products. And on the basis of this cookie existing (or not existing) their technology will understand you've showed interest in one of our ads before.

In this case, you may begin to see our ads turn up more often.

By accessing this website, you agree to see our ads on other websites including but not limited to Google, Gmail, YouTube, and any other property that supports Interest Based Advertising.

How to Opt Out of Interest Based Ads

You can stop seeing our Interest Based ads at any time, by following the instructions here: .


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